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Walmart Black Friday Sale Is Live - Take a Look at the Best Deals

Walmart has major discounts on AirPods, streaming devices, home theater and everything else you can think of

Phil Owen

Disclaimer: When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Black Friday sales used to last a few hours on the morning after Thanksgiving, but now they last pretty much the whole month of November. Case in point: Walmart's Black Friday 2023 sale, which is already underway. There's no need to wait for the actual Black Friday when you can grab so many great deals right now.

Now, the breadth of Walmart's Black Friday sale includes every kind of thing they have--meaning there are quite a lot of deals to sort through. Fortunately, you don't have to do that all on your own, because below we've provided a handy little selection of some of the best and most interesting deals we've found among Walmart's Black Friday discounts.



Everybody who carries a smartphone needs a pair of bluetooth earbuds to go with them, and there aren't many options in that space better than Apple's. For Black Friday, Walmart is offering this pair of 2nd gen AirPods for $69--that's nearly half off the retail price of $129. That's tough to pass up.

Roku devices


Like earbuds, a good streaming device to watch your shows and movies on is a must for pretty much everybody these days, and Roku has discounts on two of its 4K devices during Walmart's Black Friday sale: the Roku Premiere stick for $19, and the high-end Roku Ultra LT box for just $34. As Roku's high-powered answer to the Apple TV, the Ultra LT is a steal at that price.

Ultimea splittable soundbar


If you're looking for a little bit of novelty in your home theater purchases, look no further than this stereo soundbar from Ultimea. You can use this as a standard soundbar, or you can split it in two for a more customized audio experience to match your space. This unusual setup retails for $100, but you can grab it in Walmart's Black Friday sale for just $56.

Vankyo mini projector


Whether you spend a lot of time in nature/your backyard, or are just looking for a TV-sized screen that doesn't take up much space, the Vankyo Leisure 330w mini projector is a great option. And at just 80 bucks in Walmart's Black Friday sale, this full HD projector is now an extra-great option. 

Michael Kors Jet Set handbag


Not every great deal during this Black Friday season is on electronics--Walmart is also offering this Michael Kors crossbody handbag for hundreds of dollars off--you can nab this thing for just $75 for the black version, with other colors available for slightly more. All of the options offer major savings over the $400 retail price.

Other deals

As we said up at the top of this article, there are tons of things being discounted during Walmart's Black Friday sale, and the stuff listed above is just the tip of the deals iceberg. While we can't come close to listing every great deal Walmart is offering, we've assembled a list of some of our favorite options below. Check it out.

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