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The Ultimate Guide to What to Watch on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Max, and More in November 2023

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Tim Surette

With the winter on the way, it's getting darker and darker earlier as each day passes — which means you get to start watching TV earlier and earlier, and there might not be a better month all year for that than November. The month known for gorging has a cornucopia of shows and films to watch, from exciting new options like Showtime's The Curse, FX's A Murder at the End of the World, and Apple TV+'s The Buccaneers to established favorites like FX's Fargo, Apple TV+'s For All Mankind, and BBC America's Planet Earth

Our guide to the best TV in November is divided into three sections: the best shows and movies to watch this month, the best shows to watch by streaming service, and a calendar of TV highlights. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it below. 

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The best shows and movies to watch in November

Kristine Frøseth, The Buccaneers

Kristine Frøseth, The Buccaneers

Apple TV+

Invincible Season 2 (Nov. 3, Prime Video)

Invincible may be the name of Mark Grayson's (Steven Yeun) alternate hero persona, but it's definitely not how he felt in the finale of Invincible Season 1. In that episode, Mark was beaten to a pulp by his father Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons) — with thousands massacred in the process. Season 2 begins shortly after this catastrophic event. Though the most powerful being on Earth is no longer on the planet, Omni-Man's presence looms over Mark. The teen, who once dreamt of following in his father's footsteps, is now bent on doing whatever it takes to become a different kind of superhero. The first half of Invincible Season 2 will be released this year, beginning Nov. 3. "Episode 4 of Season 2 is a very obvious midseason finale," Robert Kirkman, who wrote the comic book series the show adapts, told TV Guide. "People are going to need time to recover from that episode." -Kat Moon [Trailer]

Planet Earth III (Nov. 4, BBC America)

The first Planet Earth revolutionized television 17 years ago with its big-budget and tech-heavy approach to the nature documentary. A lot has happened since then, not just with big budgets and technology, but with the titular ball of rock. Nature docuseries have since put an emphasis on the effects of climate change in terms people can really relate to: how soaring temperatures are making life hell for baby animals. Planet Earth III is another awe-inspiring look at our world's wonderful, tenacious, ferocious, ingenious, and adorable animals, and how corporate pursuit of profit and human indifference is slowly killing them. Enjoy! -Tim Surette [Trailer]

The Buccaneers (Nov. 8, Apple TV+)

Need to unstuff a stuffy British period piece? Just add Americans. This adaptation of Edith Wharton's unfinished novel, published in 1938, will no doubt draw appropriate comparisons to Netflix's wildly popular Bridgerton, but the story of five young, new-money American women who head to London in the 1870s to catch British aristocrats for marriage adds a different enough wrinkle to make it stand out. These girls are rowdy and raucous, making the conservative Brits spit out their tea (metaphorically, sadly) at their brash behavior. But behind the culture clashes is a whopper of a love triangle as Nan (future leading lady Kristine Frøseth) finds herself caught between two best friends. A finale that holds its secrets tight until the last minute, sets and costumes that used every farthing of Apple's generous budget, and a youthful energy make this show a fun watch. -Tim Surette [Trailer]

The Killer (Nov. 10)

David Fincher's newest project is based on the French graphic novel series of the same name that was first published in 1998. The Killer stars Michael Fassbender as an assassin bent on fulfilling his mission without letting emotions cloud his judgment. Charles ParnellKerry O'MalleySala Baker, Sophie Charlotte, and Tilda Swinton round out the cast. The Killer's trailer promises a chilling energy signature to Fincher's films, as well as high-octane, smoothly choreographed action scenes. -Kat Moon [Trailer]

For All Mankind Season 4 (Nov. 10, Apple TV+)

We're watching Joel Kinnaman grow older before our very eyes! Well, at least a makeup artist's rendition of him getting older. Kinnaman is one of the few original cast members whose characters have survived For All Mankind's many leaps into the future, and his character is getting up there in age as the series launches into the early 2000s. The alt-history drama about the space race that never ended finds Ed (Kinnaman) very much in his scraggly gray years commanding a multinational outpost on Mars while tensions, both foreign and domestic, threaten progress, both technological and societal. This season we're mining asteroids for resources and bringing workers to the Red Planet to show that even hundreds of millions of miles away, unionizing labor is just as important as it is on Earth. -Tim Surette [Trailer]

The Curse (Nov. 12, Showtime and Paramount+ with Showtime)

This is the biggest show of the year to a very specific group of people. Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie created and co-star in this eerie dark comedy about a recently married couple (played by Fielder and Emma Stone) who host a house-flipping show on HGTV, which is overseen by a slimy producer (Safdie). As they gentrify the struggling city of Española, New Mexico, by building eco-friendly homes and opening trendy businesses, their lives are upended when a young girl puts a curse on them. -Allison Picurro [Trailer]

A Murder at the End of the World (Nov. 14, Hulu)

The OA creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij return to television — plenty of fans would already be sold if this paragraph ended there — with this FX-produced limited series, a murder mystery with an Agatha Christie-style title, though the detective at its center is entirely modern. Darby Hart (The Crown's Emma Corrin) is a Gen Z sleuth and hacker who's invited by a reclusive billionaire (Clive Owen) to a remote retreat with eight other guests. Would you believe one of them turns up dead? -Kelly Connolly [Trailer]

The Crown Season 6 (Nov. 16, Netflix)

The final season of The Crown is split in two halves, with the first premiering on Nov. 16 and the second part on Dec. 14. All eyes will be on how the historical drama portrays the end of Princess Diana's (Elizabeth Debicki) life — Netflix has already confirmed to Deadline that the series will not be showing the car crash in 1997. The Crown Season 6 will also introduce three stars making their television debut: Rufus Kampa as young Prince William, Ed McVey as a slightly older version of the prince, and Meg Bellamy as Kate Middleton. -Kat Moon [Trailer]

Fargo Season 5 (Nov. 21, FX; Nov. 22, Hulu)

There aren't many details on the fifth season of Noah Hawley's dark comedy crime anthology — FX's logline simply says a housewife (Juno Temple) lands in hot water with authorities after thinking she left her complicated past behind her — but that's how all seasons of Fargo start off. (Season 2 was about a hit-and-run and ended with aliens!) So let's not pay attention to the plot and focus on what we know we can expect from a new season: another excellent cast — Temple, Jon HammJennifer Jason LeighJoe KeeryLamorne MorrisDave Foley, and Lukas Gage — and extraordinary character names — Gator Tillman, Dot Lyon, Ole Munch, and Danish Graves. They do it differently in the Midwest. Season 5 will air weekly on FX, with new episodes available on Hulu the next day. -Tim Surette [Trailer]

Squid Game: The Challenge (Nov. 22, Netflix)

When Squid Game premiered in 2021, viewers around the world rushed to recreate the games that appeared in the Korean thriller series — without the deadly consequences, of course. Videos of fans playing Red Light, Green Light and attempting the dalgona challenge, where one must carve out a shape from a thin disk of honeycomb using a needle, flooded TikTok for months. Now, 456 contestants are about to participate in the games, just like how they appeared in Squid Game, for the opportunity to win a whopping $4.56 million. The trailer also teases Big Brother-esque twists to the reality competition series, with alliances forming and betrayals looming. -Kat Moon [Trailer]

What's on Netflix, Max, Hulu, Amazon, and more in November

Elizabeth Debicki, The Crown

Elizabeth Debicki, The Crown

Daniel Escale Netflix / LeftBank

Netflix's best new shows and movies in November

A Netflix reality show coming out in November follows an eager group of people trying to make big money. And no, we're not talking about Selling Sunset — though Season 7 of that dramatic series is returning this month. Squid Game: The Challenge is the buzzy competition everyone's talking about, because it boasts a $4.56 million cash prize and games are modeled after those in the hit Korean series to a tee — with the exception of the contestants playing to their deaths, of course. Elsewhere, new shows All the Light We Cannot See and Scott Pilgrim Takes Off are also premiering on the platform this month. And don't forget to mark your calendars for the return of hit series like The Crown and Virgin River. Here's our list of the best shows and movies on Netflix in November, plus everything coming to and leaving Netflix in November.

More on Netflix:

Sarah Lancashire and David Hyde Pierce, Julia

Sarah Lancashire and David Hyde Pierce, Julia

Sebastein Gonon/Max

HBO and Max's best new shows and movies in November

Are you feeling thankful yet? You might, once you hear what's coming to HBO and Max in November. It's an admittedly light month for new releases, but the Season 2 premieres of the great Max originals Rap Sh!t and Julia are easily the biggest highlights. A few documentaries, like the HBO-produced Albert Brooks: Defending My Life and the CNN-produced Little Richard: I Am Everything, will also debut in November. And if you're looking for something to watch with your dad over the holidays, Bookie, the new Chuck Lorre-created, Sebastian Maniscalco-starring dark comedy series, will premiere at the end of the month. Here's our list of the best shows and movies on HBO and Max in November, plus everything coming to HBO and Max in November.

More on HBO and Max:

Lamorne Morris, Fargo

Lamorne Morris, Fargo

Michelle Faye/FX

Hulu's best new shows and movies in November

Give thanks for great names this November — Fargo is back. The fifth season of the FX series brings new characters and, more importantly, new character names, like Gator Tillman, Ole Munch, and Danish Graves. For even more crime in chilly locations, check out FX's A Murder at the End of the World, a new series from the creators of The OA that stars Emma Corrin as a tech-savvy detective. Other big titles coming to Hulu in November include The Artful Dodger, in which the titular Dickens character becomes a surgeon, and Faraway Downs, which is actually Baz Luhrmann's Australia recut as a limited series. It's kind of a weird month for Hulu. That's a compliment. Here's our list of the best shows and movies on Hulu in November, plus everything coming to Hulu in November.

More on Hulu

Robbie Amell and Leighton Meester, EXmas

Robbie Amell and Leighton Meester, EXmas

Paulina Stevens/EXmas Film Inc.

Amazon Prime Video's best new shows and movies in November

Another Amazon Prime Day came and went in October and you didn't get that 85-inch TV for $19.99 like you hoped. But that doesn't mean the bargains from America's online Wal-Mart are done! As a perk for getting free delivery with your Amazon Prime subscription, you'll be able to watch the second season of Robert Kirkman's Invincible, an animated series about superheroes that isn't afraid to subvert the genre. Also coming this month is the reality dating series Twin Love, which lets sets of identical twins go at it (not with each other). And over on Freevee, get into the holiday spirit with the rom-com EXmas, starring Leighton Meester and Robbie Amell. Here's our list of the best shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video in November, plus everything coming to Prime Video in November.

More on Amazon:

Emma Corrin, A Murder at the End of the World

Emma Corrin, A Murder at the End of the World

Christopher Saunders/FX

The best new shows and movies everywhere else in November

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but Apple TV+ this month will keep the boredom away. The streamer is looking at one of its strongest months in its existence, creatively, with two interesting premieres (the YA period piece The Buccaneers, the Godzilla thrilla Monarch: Legacy of Monsters) and a returning stalwart (For All Mankind Season 4). On Paramount+, the month sees the premiere of a new show by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, starring David Oyelowo as the first Black U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi. And the weirdest show of the year might be Nathan Fielder's The Curse, which comes to Showtime and Paramount+.

More on Apple TV+, Peacock, Disney+, and Paramount+:

November TV calendar highlights

Wednesday, Nov. 1
Black Cake (Season 1, Hulu)
Love Island Games (Season 1, Peacock)

Thursday, Nov. 2
All the Light We Cannot See (Limited Series, Netflix)

Friday, Nov. 3
Blue Eye Samurai (Season 1, Netflix)
Fingernails (Film, Apple TV+)
Invincible (Season 2, Prime Video)
Nyad (Film, Netflix)
Quiz Lady (Film, Hulu)
Selling Sunset (Season 7, Netflix)

Saturday, Nov. 4
Planet Earth III (Docuseries, BBC America)

Sunday, Nov. 5 
Lawmen: Bass Reeves (Limited Series, Paramount+)
JFK: One Day in America (Limited Series, Nat Geo)

Wednesday, Nov. 8
The Buccaneers (Season 1, Apple TV+)
Escaping Twin Flames (Limited Series, Netflix)
The Santa Clauses (Season 2, Disney+)

Thursday, Nov. 9
Colin From Accounts (Season 1, Paramount+)
Rap Sh¡t (Season 2, Max)

Friday, Nov. 10
007: Road to a Million (Season 1, Prime Video)
For All Mankind (Season 4, Apple TV+)
The Killer (Film, Netflix)

Sunday, Nov. 12
Beacon 23 (Season 1, MGM+)
The Curse (Season 1, Showtime)

Tuesday, Nov. 14
A Murder at the End of the World (Limited Series, Hulu)
NCIS: Sydney (Season 1, CBS)

Thursday, Nov. 16
The Crown (Season 6 Part 1, Netflix)
Julia (Season 2, Max)
Ghosts (U.K.) (Season 1, CBS)

Friday, Nov. 17
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Season 1, Apple TV+)
Please Don't Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain (Film, Peacock)
Rustin (Film, Netflix)
Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (Season 1, Netflix)
Twin Love (Season 1, Prime Video)

Saturday, Nov. 18
Kennedy (Limited Series, History)

Tuesday, Nov. 21
Fargo (Season 5, FX)
Leo (Film, Netflix)

Wednesday, Nov. 22
Good Burger 2 (Film, Paramount+)
Squid Game: The Challenge (Season 1, Netflix)
The Velveteen Rabbit (Special, Apple TV+)

Sunday, Nov. 26
Faraway Downs (Limited Series, Hulu)

Wednesday, Nov. 29
The Artful Dodger (Season 1, Disney+/Hulu)

Thursday, Nov. 30
The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday (Film, Netflix)
Family Switch (Film, Netflix)
Obliterated (Season 1, Netflix)
Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays (Special, Food Network/Max)
Virgin River (Season 5 Part 2, Netflix)