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Bethany Joy Lenz Is Accused of Being a Ghost in Hallmark's A Biltmore Christmas Exclusive Clip

The One Tree Hill vet is time traveling to the 1940s

Philiana Ng
A Biltmore Christmas

A Biltmore Christmas


Bethany Joy Lenz… a Christmas ghost? 

The One Tree Hill vet is put on the spot in Hallmark Channel's time-travel holiday film, A Biltmore Christmas, which sees the actress being transported from the present day to the 1940s glam of Old Hollywood.

In the Christmas movie, Lenz plays screenwriter Lucy Hardgrove, who's tasked with remaking the holiday classic, His Merry Wife!. When her proposed screenplay isn't up to par, through the magic of Hallmark (and a supernatural hourglass), Lucy is thrust onto the 1947 set at the Biltmore Estate where she becomes close with the film's star, Jack Huston (Kristoffer Polaha). Things get dicey when Lucy's presence there unknowingly sets off a chain of events that threatens the movie production and could potentially change the future.

Christmas movies galore:

In the exclusive clip, Lucy is accused of being a spirit after she's seen wearing the same His Merry Wife! outfit that's been on display at the estate. Plus, she suddenly appeared out of thin air. Highly suspicious. The only logical conclusion that her friend, Margaret (A.K. Beninghofen), can come up with to explain the strange activity: Lucy is a ghost.

It's an absurd thought because we all know that isn't true. But Margaret's already down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories, rattling them off one by one until Lucy comes clean about what's really been going on. "I went back in time to 1947," she reveals to Margaret's shock. There's a whole lot of exposition about how she got there in the first place and how the hourglass helped teleport her to the past, but the real surprise is how many times Lucy has already time-jumped to and fro. 

"I had to make sure I wasn't crazy… Still haven't arrived at an answer, honestly," Lucy says with a nervous laugh. Even nuttier is she's planning to go back… because of course! "I got something I gotta do," she confirms before acknowledging how insane the whole situation is: "This is unbelievable, right?" It sure is.

A Biltmore Christmas premieres Sunday, Nov. 26 at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel.